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Feeling at “Home”

When looking for a new place to move your parent, you may feel anxious in trying to find a place where they will feel at home. If you do live in a different city, you may want to move them closer to you but you may also feel bad about taking them out of a community...

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Aging in Place

The desire to find a home where your parent can “age in place” is common in families looking for a place to move their parent. You want to be able to find somewhere that they can stay and become comfortable and familiar with their new home, staff, food, routine, etc....

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Walking To Improve Health

Will walking really help grandma’s health? Yes! We all know that exercising is good for our bodies since we’ve been told to exercise since a young age. Whether you’re young or old, exercise is still great for your health and your body. There have been many studies...

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